War Drama Short Film

Directed and Produced by Thomas Pollock

Written by Andrew McNeill

During the final days of WW1, Otto, a decorated German fighter pilot, is shot down behind enemy lines. Honour, love and humanity ultimately shape this seemingly hopeless situation.

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Belfast Calibre 9 (2018)

Crime-Thriller Short Film
Directed and Produced by Thomas Pollock
Story by Bruno Santillo
Leo, an Italian criminal is blamed for a human trafficking deal going wrong in Belfast, putting him in the crossfire of two opposing gangs.

The Mean and the Greene (2018)

Comedy Drama Feature Concept

Written and Directed by Ricky Crawford

Tommy has finally had enough of the dysfunctional farm life and prepares for a new beginning across the water. However, his mother Martha; sister Rosey; and brother Riley would all rather see him just as miserable as they are.

Starring: Ricky Crawford, Marty MAguire, Jo Donnelly and Roma Tomelty

The Name of Action (2017)

Experimental Short Film

Directed by Thomas Pollock

A take on the famous soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Down There by the Train (2017)

Western Short Film

Directed by Andrew McNeill & Thomas Pollock

Written by Andrew McNeill

The year is 1922: with the Old West fading into memory, a young Texan cowboy, wronged by the mob, travels East in search of vengeance.

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