Current Projects:

The Narrow Escape of Slugger O'Toole - Short to Feature Concept

Battling with alcoholism, Slugger has always used his fists to get out of trouble, but this time that won't work. After hitting the wrong person in his homeland of Northern Ireland, he is forced to leave the country where his new goal is to reunite with his mother and brother.
Slugger Still 2 small

Silent Parade Short to Feature Concept

Bomb victim, Billy McComb, desired only peace. An overpowering Irish Republican threat ruined his life but they forgot about his daughter. Gemma would have given everything to her country, everything except her father.



Victories- World War One Short Film

'Victories', a story following a decorated German fighter-pilot shot down behind enemy lines. The film is currently set for its festival run, as well as private screenings across Northern Ireland in association with History Hub Ulster. See the trailer.

Season's Greetings (2018) Online short film

This was a project written and directed by Thomas Pollock released on Christmas Eve 2018. It may surprise you.

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